Discord Server

Why We Need a InfinityFree Discord server?

1.) It’s easy communicate
2.) It’s easy report bugs
3.) Staff will be more active
4.) Announcements will be more visible

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Let’s compare this to the forum, shall we?

  1. True, but it’s easy on this forum as well. With all the markdown and one box options.

  2. Well, you can just create a new topic, like you just did! (It wasn’t hard, right?)

  3. Personally, I don’t like Discord. Maybe it’s just how it works or whatever (Or maybe because it enjoys signing me out all the time), but I don’t like it. Plus, you can’t create topics for individual problems, and everything flows together. It’s a good idea for brainstorming, but not for support (It would give me a headache trying to follow everything).

  4. um… What about the pinned topics and the big blue banner?


Not to mention the generally toxic community.


Discord Threads.

Announcement Channel.


If they can active there…then same effort will given here also!
Thats all!
Active time is not depend on what medium giving notification.
But own interest of medium which we like to open often!


There was a discord server link was shared on this forum some time ago… But the server has been dead ever since. Since it is neither link on the client area (from where many people come to get support)… So the forum is the best choice for people as most are newbies.:hugs:

Easier in what way?

If you’re using Discord a lot already, then Discord will be easier for you. That doesn’t mean Discord is objectively superior for all purposes.

The New Topic button is available to everyone, and you can write about anything relevant.

I have no intend to spend any time on a Discord server, and even if I did, I wouldn’t check it more frequently than I check the forum.

This forum works well enough for live chat too. Most people just don’t want to be here 24/7, and a Discord channel would be no different.



We have announcement channels here too. We don’t need Discord for that.

If they work as well as Slack threads, then forum topics work vastly superior than threads. Because even though you can organize messages in threads, many people don’t and just dump their reply in the channel directly, and before you know it people are discussing dozens of topics/issues in the channel and it’s impossible to keep track of who is talking to who about what. Let alone find older messages again.

Sure, maybe you can have moderators enforce this, but a forum is designed around nicely isolated topics from the ground up.


I am not really supporting Discord, I myself own a host and offering support via discord is a dumpster fire.

Just pointed out those features exists.


In my point of view, building a discord server just to replace what the forum does for support is not effective. Admin and others stated reasonable reasons.

However, in other perspective, the marketing, creating a discord server helps a lot. Instead of creating a discord server just like a forum, why not use it to attract more users and extending the range of information to those discord-buddies?

The discord server will:

• Be READ-ONLY mode
• Provides basic info of InfinityFree
• Contents are just links to InfinityFree - ex.: in the forum posted new announcement - why not link it there and provide link to the forum post?

Leveraging Discord Connections’Power

In discord, it easy to advertise your discord servers. Many bots can do. They can send server invites every hour or so to connected servers, thus, extending range of information about this host. Many web hosts provider I know (some are from my friends) are taking advantage of this technique and it turns out good.

Ease of Work

Too busy to manually post an announcement (links)? create a bot that connects to this forum api! Whenever certain updates, discord server announcements autonatically updates.


You dont need to hire many people It could even just you or some staffs. Build or use an existing discord bot for desired management.

Expand BEYOND infinity

Another thing: Infinityfree should expand to social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, etc, should have an official page, so that people could know more.

Isn’t Google Search enough?

Nope. Not on very busy people who have no time to research good website hosts that aren’t very overwhelming , overpowered, and costly.

Searching “best web hosts” will result to paid web hosting services. Typical people, in hurry, just pick the #1 suggested, “cheap” (still paid) host without further ado. Not knowing, a free web host is just what they need.

Building a reputation to multiple social medias and sharing info there may help those doubted, time-buzzling people.


But here’s the thing: I’m not saying that you fully take your time just to do this instead of focusing improving the services and answering user problems in the forum. Maybe some small time, taking slowly as this isn’t much more important than solving forum’s problems.

May the idea feasible! :slight_smile:


But then nobody will check back in with it, and keeping it up-to-date would really be pointless. Plus, I would not want to signup for a company that has a locked-down social media presence (I see discord as social media)

I know other hosts that do that as well. They have few customers that actually use their accounts. Most people that come signup, but never use the service. Plus, you have to allow that bot to advertise in your server, so you are forced to create what is essentially a spam thread that no one likes.

Ha! There is a ever-growing todo list for this forum and the client area. And adding anouther thing to that list, well, it won’t get done for a while.

Um, I don’t like discord, Admin would rather stay away, so that leaves Oxy.

See above

That part I do agree with


Discord is more like a chat platform - it is not very good for forum manners.

Although, what I found cool is that a local college I took a tour of (open house) actually had their students from different degrees make a discord group to help them out. The college is IT-based, and the college makes a lot of different degrees take certain courses together, so the students created a discord to get a diverse community that could help one-another out. It was really cool.

That fact aside, it really isn’t meant for forum manners like I said.


Why hate discord? Isn’t discord part of so-called “social media platforms”?

I do agree. But you are seeing the wrong perspective. Use Discord server just like how Facebook, and Twitter page works. (it wasn’t created for that, but will worked)

Ah, yes, there are many possible reasons why - maybe confused, etc. Whatever is it is beyond the host provider control. (and most are not reasonable)

Yeah, i know and will stay patient for that if ever.

I am not a fan of Discord but i see an oppurtunity that may… uhmm slightly help
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Some InfinityFree 2020 users (including me) have decided to create a “Infinityfree fan” discord server. The purpose was to solve each other problems regarding InfinityFree websites, ideas and some tech stuff. And now evolved into diverse community(sad part it is now very quiet as people are busy).

I consider it social media (think I said that). And I am not a fan of social media, so…


same though

Ahhh yeah and Now it’s renamed to Digital Zero though it’s very inactive (I am banned from there)

I don’t know about you, but a forum is also a kinda social media-ish or a social network tbh


And instant disabling alt accounts when my account got 2fa locked because of my stupidity.

msg me via wa


It’s got its advantages and disadvantages

— Advantages —

  • Easy to use (even on mobile, where I primarily use Discord)

  • Built-in noise cancellation/reduction (you’ll need to update the app though…)

  • Files send quickly (w/ a good internet connection that is)

  • Easy to block unwanted people

— Disadvantages —

  • Pedophiles (of which I have personally experienced)

  • Discord Nitro scams (which are quite frankly getting very annoying!)

  • “Horny-bots” (Bots that send you explicit messages, however, that doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore)

  • Being in a server (even a small one), where the settings are set to @ping you EVERYTIME a message is sent!

  • People have ways around bans (also known as “ban evasion”)

  • Discord sometimes doesn’t give a ___ if people are violating TOS/community guidelines

  • People can be real simps

But overall, I like Discord (despite being sexualized once, in which I just told that person to “___ off” and that I’m going to report them to Discord)!

Yes, I DID report them to Discord (but I don’t think they ever did anything to his account)!

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