Discord Server

So is this forum!

Same here!

You can do it in profile settings (Or even from the profile page of the person you want to block)!


Are you talking about this forum and/or Discord?

This forum. I don’t know how it works on discord.

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You can also suppress people (if you are at least TL2)


And yes, I am aware that those are Discourse’s default settings (and that they might be modified from site to site)!


Don’t forget the toxic communities!

I got harassed for a whole server once because I wanted help due to me getting “false banned” in a game. It got so bad they were tantalizing me whenever I was typing (you can see when users are typing) asking “let’s see what dumb think he types next!”

It really hit me in the gut that day - that people are so confident hiding behind a keyboard. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were mean enough to say it to me in my face. This generation has really gotten used to harassing people online and I’m sick of it. I really hate how people use their anonymity as an excuse to beat the living daylight out of others whom they dislike or they think are illegitimate.

Of course, after that incident I switched to a different community (the previous one was an FPS community and the new one was a driving sim) and they were so polite. Of course, a ripple could easily disturb them and it would happen all over again, but even a simple insult caused the community to react to that person by pointing out that it was rude. Guess what? That person apologized! It is amazing how the theme of the community affects its users, or rather how the users are sorted by the theme.

Still, I think switching mediums wouldn’t really change much about that. Sure, the toxic would have easier access to IF (just join the discord server). However, I really do think it is the community itself and the types of people that go there that affects the mood and environment.

You are all very helpful, and I have tried my best to be so as well. Heck, I even make sure to make those who are dissatisfied with IF and go on to defame it feel welcome and loved, to make sure that I don’t make the same mistake that the other communities do - to assume that every person with a bad behavior is bad, has a bad history and a bad personality in general.

Love guys, that’s how we gonna win this war. Not hate, but love!

Either way, going back to the discord, I really also think the presentation medium doesn’t fit this forum’s needs. Discourse works just as well.

Although, the 10k topics discussion topic would work nicely there…


Why we DO NOT “need” and SHOULD NOT have and people should stay away from Discord:

  1. It is not safe and admin/owners of Discord do not care. All they care about is the money they’re making selling user information which encourages the toxic things that happen to users (daily, thousands if not millions of victims) on discord.

  2. It’s easy to report bugs directly to Infinity support the way it is. Nothing else that isn’t already in place is 'need’ed.

  3. No, they won’t be. Infinity will need more staff to monitor and moderate all the garbage on discord and babysit the users. It’s more problems and more security risks they’ll have to deal with. It’s more of a problem than a solution. I understand why people that don’t understand, or don’t think and / or don’t know or care about, the risks using a ‘free’ service like discord is to a business. It’s not a convenience it’s a headache and more things to manage; it’s more work which slows response times between staff and users down significantly.

  4. Everything on discord is locked and hidden behind an account wall. Discord requires a person to have an account there (for them to sell all the info from and track and sell tracking info from) to see anything at all that’s posted on there. Not everyone has a discord account. Wise people that care about their security and privacy avoid it. So those people (like me and just about everyone I know) won’t see those announcements = they will not be as visible as they are now.


I’m in a lot of discord servers and that’s not too true

Some disadvantages have a solution:

  1. Use a simple bot or set up the server settings into analyze media (“keep me safe” mode)

  2. Use an anti-scam bot, but I have not seen any scam recently

  3. You can disable that

And the last one, people can be real simps in any place

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Maybe a YouTube channel too.


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