Did i do something wrong?

**My website URL is: http://nonstopvirtual.epizy.com **

**What I’m seeing is: i dont know if i did something wrong. **

So, (on the first account) Epizy_23737209, after completing creating database in MySQL, i upload some files using net2ftp. So i was a bit confused to create a root folder where to upload some zip files.

So i deleted the folder htdocs with other files since i want to create a own directory folder. After deleting and creating a new folder to put all the files, some files was hidden. I couldnt find them (php files).

So i decided to create another account epiz_23740436
I did everything from scratch. Tried to delete everything on the first account. So after i finished my second account, but it gives me error.

Somehow the first account works fine before i changed the directory folder. I cant recover it.

So did i do something wrong? I cant do anything since i have to wait 60 days till my first account will be totally deleted. I hope there will a solution. :slight_smile:

**I’m using this software: Google (on Phone), Firefox on (PC), MySQL Database & net2ftp File Manager **

all files must go in htdocs folder (this is your public folder)

Usually, this page shows up if you deleted the htdocs folder for your sub/domain and tried to upload your website files to the base directory of your account (which, as you’re experiencing right now, doesn’t work).

Simply create a new folder called “htdocs” in your account and upload your website to it.

Thanks for the reply. I thought i could rename or recreate htdocs folder like i put /web folder. I saw some tutorials videos or website. So i thought it was ok. But thanks again. I’ll look forward to it.

The server looks for a folder called htdocs to serve as your website. If there is no folder called htdocs, then the server doesn’t know which files to load.

Additionally, it’s not possible to upload files outside the htdocs folders. Any files uploaded there are automatically deleted.

If you have your own server, or a web hosting service where you can customize the document root of your website, you can change htdocs to web or whatever else you want. But that’s not possible with free hosting, I’m sorry to say.

Ok thanks for clarification. Im kinda newbie and i tried to learn about making website. By the way, i did a new one from scratch. But i got some errors. Pls check: Privacy Error (on Phone) & Error 403 on website

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