Delete My Account

Delete my account.

I’m giving official notice that I no longer abide by the terms and services of my original agreement, and revoke any previous provisions and allowances predicated upon my consent, whether explicit or implied, hence forth.

Any previous agreements, or arrangements, made with Infinity Free are no longer of any force and effect.

I would kindly ask you delete my account, in full, in a time frame of no longer than 24 hours.

Govern yourself accordingly.

Not possible.
Read below



Please note that the terms do not allow you to voluntarily back out with only 24 notice.

Account data is held according to applicable law, and will not be removed until it is legal for us to do so.

You are still legally bound to our terms of service, and will remain so until all of your data has been purged from our systems, generally 60 days after account deletion.

Your account will not be manually deleted within the time frame you specified. You may delete your account from the client area if you wish, but as previously stated, the data will not be deleted immediately.

Please consult the law, as well as the terms that you are legally bound to for additional information.


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