Delete forum account how?

I cant find the…" DELETE FORUM ACCOUNT"
Please could you do this for me
or provide a link please thanx

I believe (but am not sure) that when you delete your Profile at that your forum profile is also deleted. Again, just speculation; I’m not sure how Admin has it set up.


@wackyblackie is correct.

When you delete your client area profile, your forum profile will be anonymized and un-recoverable.


When you’ve setup a forum username and first login to the forum, a forum profile is created from you. After that, the profile remains, until one of two things happen:

  • The forum account is created but it’s not used, meaning nothing was ever posted and the account hasn’t been logged into in a long time. These unused accounts are deleted after 90 days.
  • If you delete your client area profile, the related forum account will be disabled and anonymized. Any topics and posts you’ve created will remain in-tact, but your profile details (username, picture, e-mail address, IP address) will be replaced with randomized values.

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