My website name is
I want to know how to access the debugger. I’m new here, and I’d like to know.
Im using php and html.

What kind of debugger?

Errors present in the html code? Javascript Errors? CSS errors? PHP errors?

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A debugger for php, sorry I wasn’t specific. But also for php and css too if thats accessible

Well, css errors are availiable in the browser console, you need to enable CSS in the console tab.
For PHP, you could use visual studio code to run php and debug it (but you need to get PHP).

Ok I just want to know if the mail function works here

mail() php function is not supported. It may result in the 24 hours suspension (your domain will be reactivated after that). Also, the mail system has been disabled. Only existing email accounts will work, you cannot create a email account.

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Ok, so I need to create an email account? to sent emails. I just want to send an email from the server so people could do feedback

No, I meant that the php mail() function will always be disabled, unless it is an activation or registration email. You do not need to nesscessarily make an email account.
Since the mail() function isn’t allowed, you’ll need some sort of alternate method to send the feedback email.



Use another mail service provider.

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The PHP mail function is supported. However, it’s heavily restricted, and most types of messages sent through it will be filtered out. Only a few specific templates (primarily activation emails for popular scripts) have been whitelisted there.

But regardless of which emails you try to send through PHP mail, your account will not be suspended for using the PHP mail function. If we did not want you to use that function, we would have just disabled it. Any suspension following the use of PHP mail is completely coincidental. And if your account is temporarily suspended, it will clearly tell you which limit you hit, which does not include emails sent with PHP mail.

This is true, but completely unrelated to PHP mail.


Ok so then how will I make it work, id like to send emails to my email account when someone provides feedback for my website.

Debug levels


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