Simple Contact form with PHPMailer

As suggested by @leeuniverse in this topic, we have just created a simple contact form with PHPMailer and reCAPTCHA. This should help make it easier to integrate a simple contact form in your website.

Please try it and share what you think about it!

It’s also open source software, so feel free to add contributions to it.


it might be a good idea to include in various folders .htaccess file with this content
Require all denied

just in case :slight_smile:

because someone will create a text document containing their access information, someone will edit the extensions, someone will dig the content, etc. so it is better to include a .htaccess files and sleep more peacefully…



I thought it was illegal.

A few .htaccess lines to block access to the vendor folder could help. But I don’t see how I could write a .htaccess file that protects anyone from writing bad code which exposes credentials. The script as it is should be safe enough. Any large changes made to the script has to be done properly by the developer.

What was illegal? Creating, using and sharing open source software? If so, we would have to ban basically any CMS.

Sending mails with an external mail server? That has always been a supported use case. We have had an article in the knowledge which actually helps people with this for years, but as was discussed in the other topic recently, it was still a bit too complicated to use.


I was joking, i didn’t mean anything bad :slightly_smiling_face:


Only those folders without index or sim.
because now everyone knows the directory structure, so malicious people could take a peek and
it is better that the server does not display it, also this is an opportunity for you to fence yourself :slight_smile:

Most users will use it “as is” and then that’s a problem.

Unrelated to your package (because it does not contain .phps)
We had examples of when users edited .phps
but did not read the warnings and manual and leave it publicly visible - they didn’t change the extension to .php :slight_smile:
So who knows what kind of things we can expect in the future from users


What is its inode footprint?

Quite minor. The contact form itself and the PHPmailer and ReCaptcha libraries used are both quite small in terms of number of files. But I haven’t counted them.


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