Deactivation due to FTP use only

I’ve developed an Windows .NET application that runs on several of my friends PCs. It shares data via a file on infinityfree via FTP. However, my account is continually being deactivated due to inactivity.

Question: Is the deactivation due to so few hits via FTP or is it because the FTP hits do not count towards “activity”?

The activity monitor checks visits to your website, not hits.

“Account” in this context are all websites under a hosting account.



Please also note that InfinityFree is a website hosting service, and if a hosting account is not being used to host a website, it may be suspended without warning.


We provide a website hosting service. So to determine if the website hosting account is active, we only look at website traffic.

In fact, our FTP server is provided for website administration only, and our hosting space is for website files only. Accounts used only for file storage/sharing may be suspended without warning because that’s a prohibited use of our service.

If you’re looking to share files with friends, please use a file sharing service instead. A shared folder in something like Dropbox or OneDrive seems like a much better way to do this.


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