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Website not opening, only shows an error of the database not connecting.

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I been with this issue from some time now, and sometimes when I go to the vista panel and to MySQL databases and the database is not there, then later it appears again.

I know it’s a free service but this issue makes the service look bad, I have complaints from visitors and my site is not visited a lot, so there is a problem.

I only have Abantecart and its database, nothing else.

Please help.


To add, because I can’t edit the request of help, this is an intermittent issue, sometimes works, sometimes I get the database error, but lately is more errors than ever.


If you want help, provide url.
My best guess is this


Thanks for your reply. This is not a new website, when Abantecart clearly says it can’t connect to the database then I go to vista panel and the database is not there, then later it is there, so it’s something going on with the host and the database, not sure why it disappears then appears, it’s not fun for me.

Well, you can try switching to a new host account to see if issue persist

I opened an account with the Indian host, I don’t remember their name, but I like Infinity, I just want to wait, I know this can be resolved, maybe doing what you said could be the solution, I just exported the database… later I download the files. Thanks.

It’s nothing wrong there, looks beautiful, in some point I had to delete multiple files not needed from Abantecart to fix the used inodes…

Judging by this other report, and I think another case I saw yesterday, it would seem that database server SQL102 may be having issues.

I’ve asked iFastNet if they know more about this.


Ok, thanks for responding, I’m sure that this issue is not new, I been probably months seeing this(database disappearing), but this last few days has been worse. Thanks again.

I have the issue again, last night it was working, now the database is gone and I don’t have the latest copy of it after the last night changes I did to Abantecart…

This is ridiculous, the post was flagged because I’m asking help to the admin?

Admin said that asked ifastnet about sql102, and I just requested help from him to know if ifastnet answered. What is wrong with that?

What’s “wrong” with it is that a lot of people come here and ask my help specifically, refusing help from others and spamming the forum until they have my attention.

I check all topics and jump in if I think I’m needed. No need to specifically ping me or ask me for help. Especially for this case, where I was already working on your case.

As for the issue itself, I’m writing about it here:


Ok Admin, I was trying to see if you got reply from ifastnet, but not sure if there is an automatic flag to who tags you and I had no idea it was because I asked directly to you and the message was flagged, then I deleted the content and wrote what is there now, also I was trying to help others, but seems free stuff gets many very hostile, including some of your moderators, all is related the way you read it, for example, read this as I’m very calm, I’m a sick person who is disabled with a hobby website to keep my mind entertained, that is a recommendation from my doctors, I don’t earn money from it and I can’t pay for a host for now, but I did before I transferred my site to here, but going back to my issue, after reading what you said about sql102 in the other thread, I just have to wait then, I got the recommendation of moving my site, which I will do if I can, I’m hoping to see the data come back, I did changes to my site before it disappeared the database, and changing everything again plus moving the site is something that I don’t want to do, I was fine here.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

You can close this thread, I have no plans to ask anything else about this matter.

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