Data storage limit

I am tryting to host here a PHP program that searches photos by title, data, description, place, etc. It is working, but I started having problems with the sending of files. After senind 4600 files successfully, I am now having problems. Some files were uploaded with 0 bytes size. No more files is being accepted by upload. The limit for free storage is 30000 files, or not? Is the any more limitations?

PHP & HTML Files - 1MB Upload size Limit
Other files - 10MB Upload Size Limit

The 30019 files are the Inodes file - means those are the files inside your file manager, and there is an limitation for it:


Hello there,

There is a 30019 Inodes limit and inodes determine how many files or folders are in your site, the more files and folders you have the more inodes you will use until you hit the limit in which you can not upload files/folders anymore.


OK, but my inode info is: Inodes Used 0 % (6 of 30019).

Inodes on your control panel does not update instantly. It can take a while or on every end of the day for changes to become visible.


What is the size of that file ?

The problem persists. The inode informayion remains the same, and i cannot upload more files. When the file transfer ends and the storage process starts, the is a mensage error.

Around 1,1 Mbytes.

What is the error?

Please be ensure that the files does not exceed more than 10 MB for you to upload the files.

After completing the data sending, there is the following message:

1.2MB of 1.2 MB
the upload failed: error during ftp upload, at “”: STOR command failed (path: <paht and name of file).

no, the files are less than that

How big is the pack of files you’re uploading?

Please provide a link to your website.

there are many image files…it is a photo bank. i uploaded about 5,6 Gb in files. each image has around 1 Mb size. i want to upload more files, but it seems i reached I limit. i thought it was unlimited, as is it written in the control panel.

It’s because your account is being detected as (file sharing service) which is not Allowed here. And it’s being limited.
Anything other than regular site hosting Is not allowed


it is a personall site, with search options that permit the user to seach for a specifi photo, shot in New York, for ex, in year 1999. You can combine many search options. It was written in PHP. It is not a file sharing service. Is there a way I can explain and ask for a more accurate avaliation?

Uploading the photos to mediafire, mega, googledrive and embedding it into your website.

i donwt know It is possible to do that. There is a mysql database, and a table contains one line for each photo, with information including a path. this path contains the directory and name of the file, information used to show the photo on the screen. i will have to find a way to obtain the path in one drive, for ex, and the is a limit of storage in these places.

the image is shown with a html command <img=… I do not know if is possible to make a onedrive o googledrive reference inside this command.