Data storage limit

Yeah it’s simple? Upload the pictures to any media storage but I recommend you to choose mediafire, next is to copy the image url by left clicking on it and then “Copy Image Address”, next is to put the image address inside the img src, just like this <img src="the_copied_image_url_address.png">.

it is not possible. my database has more than 35000 photos referenced by a path and name. i cannot rename all of them manually.

and if someday i must change the place where i store the files, i will have to change every file again. that is not a solution.

Oh, sorry, but this is only I could help you for now, storing your pictures to media storage and embedding it into your site, Goodluck and pretty sure somebody will help you out!

You can just use free image hosting sites like Imgur


Could you please share a link to your website. Seeing what you website is about might allow you to help us better.

I think @anon19508339 got the right answer here. If you’re uploading a massive photo gallery, that would be identified as file sharing/hosting/backup traffic, and be blocked.

Also 35k photos is going to trip the inode limit, without a single line of PHP code to manage those images.

So I’m sorry to say we cannot support your use case here.


I thought it was unlimited storage, as informed. It is not.

Yes it has unlimited storage but it has an inode limit and both are different.

Inode limit determines how many files and folders you can have on your site while the storage is how much data your site can store in the disk space.

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It is not the same. I cannot obtain the number of each image and change this information mannually in 35000 registers. It is impossible. And it becomes dependent on the platform. If someday I must change everything agian. It is not a solution. I thought this server had free unlimited storage, as is it informed to us when we register. But it is not.

No, it does not have unimited storage. If there is an inode limit, it is not unlimited. If there is a limit, it is not unlimited!

You’re mixing things up here. As what I have said Inodes and Storage is different. This is normal with Linux and PCs. If you have a PC then your PC will probably have an inode limit despite even having 10TB Disk Space (for example) then if you hit the limit you cannot add more stuff to the storage even if you still have free space left.

Here’s a more elaborate explanation:

And more resources:

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My website has a password. So, it does not help share a link here because you do not have the password. Just me and may familly and friend, who will be able to search and see the photos. Basically it is a php program, thar permits you to select search options, like author, place, year, name of a person than appears on the photo, theme (people, nature, etc). when the user finished these search options, it shows a drop down listbox with the photos that matches the search criteria. Then you can select each of them and click a button, when the photo is shows. Each photo is stored in a MySql database, with all these informatiom, including the path, that is used in a <img html command to show the foto (ex: <img=‘/fotobank/fotos2/forest1.jpg’>. this path is obtained readind the mysql database. It is saved during the insert mode.

Also InfinityFree did say it provide Unlimited Storage but not Unlimited Inodes. Again both are different. Most hosting providers out there even have inode limits even to premium accounts.

Again, it there is a inode limit, thre is a limit anyway. Look at the main page of…It is written: Free and Unlimited Web Hosting. Nothing is said about inode limit.

Again, it is not free and unlimited web hosting.

If there is a limit in inodes, it it not unlimited web hosting. I think is it obvious that is not unlimited.

Did you even read the tagline?

Completely free website hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

It is already specified that it only provides unlimited Disk Space and not Inodes.

In the beggining it is said: Free and Unlimited Web Hosting
In the middel is said InfinityFree is website hosting with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.
And just after you register that you notice there is an inode limit.

It should be informed in the beggining, and not after you register.

It is not unlimited.

As what I’ve said it already said it provide an unlimited Disk Space and not unlimited Inode. Almost no web hosting provider out there would ever specify about inode limit on their front page. Even so it is already stated that it provides unlimited Disk Space meaning it has unlimited storage but not inodes.

And worse of all: it is not Completely free website hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, because it is not permitted to upload a massive photo gallery, like my site was supposed to be blocked.

So, there are limitations.

It is almost like I say to may son: you can go to the swimming pool, but do not get wet.

Around 2017 when I discovered the inode limit actually I also asked the same question as you and said the same thing but after a bit more research I understand more.