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Your account is Temporarily Suspended

Your account was suspended because you hit the I/O Limits. Learn more about this limit.

Your account will be reactivated automatically in 21 hours from now.

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Account Temporarily Suspended

Your free hosting account is suspended for reaching a daily resource limit. Please note that each free hosting account has daily CPU, hits, RAM, I/O, and Entry process limits. During each day we record all of these usage stats. It is quite normal for a website to utilise daily limits as PHP scripts do use alot of server resources, especially if you have multiple PHP scripts and websites in your free hosting account.

The daily limit you reached was your daily io limit.

When will your free hosting account be re-activated?

Your free hosting account will be automatically reactivated 24 hours after it was suspended.

Therefore at 08:02 Monday 19 December (in 21 hours, 44 minutes) your account will be activated again where you will regain full access!)

Once your account is activated you may want to consider lowering your server resource usage by removing scripts, plugins, domains, optimizing your code, install caching, or upgrading your free account to our premium hosting which has upto 80 times the limits of a free hosting plan with 100’s of extra features.

Other Information

It’s not first time. I use wordpress for simple website and I’m using Autooptimize. This happening every two days from about 2/3 weeks. Please help, because I don’t know what to do. I have this website 10 months and I don’t have any situations like that before.

Do you have any cron jobs running?

No, I disabled wp-cron in softaculos.

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I would remove that and see if it makes a difference. Sometimes optimization plugins create more problems then they cause.


Can you please share a full list of your WordPress plugins? You only listed Autoptimize, but maybe there are other plugins that are more relevant that you didn’t think of.

Backup plugins for example are notorious for generating high IO usage. Backup plugins work by reading every file on your account, building an archive of it and writing that to storage. That generates a lot of IO activity.

The article about the IO limit specifically points to backup plugins as being a likely culprit. So it’s good to thoroughly read the knowledge base article before posting because there is a lot of good information in it.


I have only Autooptimize and Loginizer. Even if I had clear WordPress installation, it puts I/O limit

Again. Yesterday my website has been reactivated and in a few hours back to be suspended.

I read it before i post it and it didn’t work.

Do you mean IO limit still get triggered even with just the default WP installation?
If so, you can try the same setup on another hosting account.

Do you know this for sure? Did you strip all plugins from all sites on the account and still run into the suspension?


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