Custom file managers?

is there any way to setup a custom file manager? i need a file managers( which was a monster head i guess)

and system log.

thank you :slight_smile:

You can use different PHP ftp softwares like net2ftp, monsta etc.


how should i?

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Just you can goto Softaculocs to see which one you want! (Under File Management)

Elfinder is a good one. There’s this tutorial on how to install it on your site too: [Tutorial] Install elFinder (GrendelHosting's old file manager)

If you want to install Monsta FTP on your account, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the ZIP file of Monsta FTP clicking on me (even if it’s free, it doesn’t have functions to edit files, and for that you need to upgrade or use net2ftp, that you can download and customize);
  2. Extract it on your preferred folder and upload all of the files contained in the folder through FileZilla or the Online File Manager that can be found on your cPanel in the htdocs folder of your domain;
  3. Visit yourdomain/mftp, or the preferred folder where you uploaded the files, remembering to replace yourdomain with your website’s domain or subdomain.

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