[Tutorial] Install elFinder (GrendelHosting's old file manager)

Ok, so let’s say you hate the new file manager and want GrendelHosting’s old one.

Well, here’s how to install elFinder, the old file manager used by GrendelHosting.

Required Knowledge:
1. Some sort of installation know-how
2. Some knowledge of PHP
3. Some brain knowledge

Now, go to this link: Releases · Studio-42/elFinder · GitHub and download the latest version as a zip.

Next, go into your cPanel, on your website’s htdocs directory, and upload the .zip as an archive.

Next, you should have a folder called elFinder-x.x.x (x’s represent version numbers), you can rename that to whatever you want. I chose files, but it could be anything you please.
Next, go ahead and follow the installation procedures in readme.md.

  1. Rename /php/connector.minimal.php-dist to /php/connector.minimal.php
  2. Load /elfinder.html in your browser to run elFinder

You’re almost done after you did all of that, but it still requires some tweaking before you get ready to use it.

Go inside php/connector.minimal.php and make sure the settings I put are very similar or exact to yours:

Depending on the directory you stored elFinder in, you may have to add an extra …/ to your path and url if you stored it in another directory, not from htdocs (for example, htdocs/secret/files, not htdocs/files)

Go to your elFinder install directory and run elfinder.html and if you did it right, you should be good to go!

Next is securing, go into your cPanel and click on password protect directories.

This step is entirely up to you, however if you don’t want anyone snooping around in your files this is a requirement.

Click on the website, set the directory, enter a user + password and you’re good to go!

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Thank you for posting this tutorial on here :slight_smile: