Custom domain showing provider empty page


Dear friends,
I’m having an issue with my website. Here is how it’s currently setup:

InfinityFree is the host.
My custom domain is registered with OVH.
I’ve also set up my domain on Cloudfare which provides an https secure connection.

Here’s what I did to setup a secure connection:

On OVH I’ve set the InfinityFree nameservers

After that I’ve set up my OVH custom domain on Cloudfare.
In order to provide an ssl certificate, Cloudfare requests to change the nameservers on OVH.
So I go back on OVH and setup the Cloudfare nameservers:

After doing that, when I navigate to my custom domain on my browser, I’m shown an OVH page:
My website

I own another website for which I followed the exact same steps and that one is showing correctly.
Can someone tell me how to fix this?

Many thanks


My guess is that you did not properly setup Cloudflare:


Your domain is using Cloudflare right now. Seeing how it shows an OVH page, it likely means your DNS records at Cloudflare are configured to pass the traffic on OVH. This should be changed so it points to our servers instead. The article @Greenreader9 wrote explains in more detail what you need to configure.


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