Custom domain going through Cloudflare is leading to

Website URL

The custom domain is and I’m trying to point it to

Error Message

Just suspended website.

Other Information

The nameservers for my custom domain is just with cloudflare but i do have the cloudflare dns settings setup correctly as in here

The ip address of and are different.
Are you sure you have done it correctly?

If you want to point to
You can simply parked into hosting account of


I checked, and it’s currently linked to your account that’s deactivated.

If you would like to link it to your free subdomain, then linking it in DNS is not enough, you also need to link the domain to the hosting account you want to show the website on.

To do that, please reactivate your deactivated account, login to the control panel and go to the Addon Domains section, and remove the domain from there. Then, login to the account of your free subdomain and add the domain there. You can set it up as an Addon Domain if you want to create a new website, but if you want to use the site from your free subdomain, you may want to set it up as a Parked Domain instead.

Note that while doing this, you will have to temporarily change your domain’s nameservers from Cloudflare to us due to the domain ownership verification.


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