Custom Domain delete problem

I have the following problem i want to deactivate/delete my infinityfree account but about deactivate account it says 1 domain will be locked to the account! but i have deleted my custom domain from the addon page so what is the problem?

Thanks for help!


If you confirmed that the domain is deleted from the control panel, you can delete the account without fear. The client panel takes a bit of time to update the domain list.


Okay, Thank you very much!!

hey again
I have the problem that my ssl certificate is not on my website but it is installed in the ssl category and when I try to access my website it says DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE what is the problem?

Thanks for help!

Many talk about dns_probe_possible.

May i know what is your website url?
It should be more easy installing ssl now. Create now ready tomorrow. Because there had been automatic button to install zero ssl for example.

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