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Infinityfree free hosting

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Hello @anon28875465

I am a little confused about what you are asking. Also, please provide the URL of the account in question.

I am using the free infinity plan and adding the google site kit but i am unable to do it and produce the error as
cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificat

I issued the ssl certificate with the infinty free ssl plan…

My site link

That error could be because the SSL certificates from here are not trusted. You can set up Cloudflare in order to get a trusted certificate. Just set the Cloudflare SSL mode to “Full”.

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Thanks for your reply.
here i am using free plan so I don’t have any domain.
Before I asked this question to Wordpress community and he told me that you should update the php.init file or curl file and its working as good

and added that this config should done with the your hosting and i used infinityfree ssl not any other sites…

You have a domain, although I don’t know why I told you to use Cloudflare since it work work with your domain.

You cannot edit those files on free hosting.

I would recommend you get a custom .com domain (Only $10 a year from NameCheap) and use Cloudflare.

Edit: thanks @Deveroonie

After a quick look on Google, I found this, cURL error 60 SSL certificate problem | It describes how to disable SSL checking on WP.

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Thanks for help TigerMANEK426,
but my site is live and not working this method. Please help me

why my site is working fine in smartphone browser but not working in browser of pc…is It hosting problem or my side problem ?

Your problem. You need to clear your cache.

Today, from morning my site is down and it did not happen today but occurred frequently.
Can anybody tell me why ?

Looks ok to me

Thanks for replying @KangJL

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Welcome :slight_smile:

NameCheap :tm:

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