CSS file not working unless I add ?Version=1.0

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My css file, index.css, will not update due to the browser cache unless I add ?Version=1.0 behind the href. I talked with a couple friends, and they said I do not need to add that. Why is it not working without the ?Version=1.0? And yes, I need to change the number (1.0, change it to 1.1, and then 1.2, etc.) which makes it annoying.

The reason this is happening, is because of the browser cache. If I clear the browser cache, it works. But when I change the css after clearing the cache, the new CSS won’t show up. This means that every time I need to look at the new CSS, I need to clear the cache(or use ?Version=1.0+ which is still annoying).

How would I make it so that it works without needing to change the Version number every time?

This sounds like a cache problem:

Fix (click):


@wackyblackie, the OP already knows how to clear cache, they want a way to prevent themselves from having to do so.

@LeftClickMage, while you are still in development, try Cloudflare (If you have a custom domain), or .htaccess cache settings:



Hi! Thank you for your reply. I have a custom domain, and I am already using cloudflare. What specifically should I do in cloudflare to fix this? If I use cloudflare, would I still need to upload a .txt file with the code to the htaccess folder?

Hi, I would still like the website to cache (since this improves loading times), but I would like the CSS to also work.

Perfect! Just enable development mode from the homepage (Its in the right sidebar, or at the bottom of on mobile) of your site.


Thank you! This works!

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