Cron Job Custom

Hey is there a way to make the Corn Job more custom?
I mean with the times?
Like every 2 Minutes or something like this?

Cron jobs not advisable in free hosting… It may consume more hits and lead to suspension of account!

yea it doesnt metter for me i just want to know if it is posible to make the Corn jobs more custom

This may help

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No that doesnt help me i want to run the Job like every 25 Hours or somthing like this.

Couldn’t you use a word press plugin for that

No, because you would need something to trigger that.

@TheSirTiger, whatever options are in the client panel under “Cron Jobs” is pretty much the options you have.

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okay thanks

For now, the client area Cron Jobs only have a select number of options we consider to be sensible, which should be sufficient for most use cases.

If there is sufficient demand for more options, or even entirely custom cron expressions, we could add it.

But I would recommend against having cron jobs run more than once per five minutes due to account load.

But even then you wouldn’t be able to run the task on a weird schedule like 25 hours. No cron job system supports that and I don’t see why you would ever want that.


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