Create a professional email based?

Can I create a professional email based on the free domain?

No, least I don’t think so

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You can by following this guide:

You can use that with gmail SMTP.


Where is the evidence?

thank you

What evidence? Have you read the article?


Sorry, I was actually asking about the article. I’ve found it now. I will read it, thank you

It looks like my site is not active yet. Can you tell me how to activate the site?

What do you mean by not active yet? What’s wrong with it?


When I put my website link in the Google search bar it tells me that the website does not exist

Does the browser throw a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED error? If so this article may help.


Thank you very much, but how do I solve this problem? Enter the email address you used to register and the error will appear

Or should I create a new account?
I thought this platform belonged to infinityfree, so I was registering with my infinityfree account.

No, ImprovMX is a separate service from InfinityFree. Register an account first.


Yes Will I pay to set up an email with them?

No, you can use it for free with gmail SMTP.


I’m currently creating an email from,
Do you have a video explaining how to create? The video will be easier than the article

I don’t have a video on it but just do this:

And then follow the article.


I have already registered and am currently in the construction phase. Thank you, things are going well

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