Cpanel down?

Cpanel is not loading, my website is also down, anything wrong?


I have the same problem,:frowning:

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Hopefully they will fix it soon

It will be nice if someone can confirm is not a problem from our side

Also a problem for me.


You can look at the forum homepage, Bunch of posts saying cpanel / Website down. So it’s probably a error from their end

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fixed on my pc

My website is back up

Check yours maybe it’s too back online

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My website is still not online:pensive::pensive:

Ya it was up only for some time, mine is also down now

is this a normal thing with this site_

sometimes, not always

This is the first time i’ve seen the site down in the past year. So far, they are accurate with their 99% up time offering. These things happen and I’m affected as well. Won’t be much longer before the sites are back up :slight_smile:

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Is the website down as well? I can’t login to ftp either and the website says Bad Gateway 502

There was/is a major system issue which caused everything to be down earlier today. There is more information in this topic:

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