Major Outage on Free Hosting

Major Outage on Free Hosting (resolved)

Today, from approximately 9:20 until 12:50 UTC, there was a cyber attack on our systems. This resulted in the network being completely overloaded, making every web server, the control panel, and most supporting services, completely unreachable for most of the time this attack took place.

The attack has subsided and the underlying issue has now been addressed, which means that everything is back up.

It appears that from approximately 10:10 to 11:10 UTC, every web server, the control panel, and most supporting services have been down.

There are still some performance issues on some web servers, which might be related, but we are still investigating these.

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Any ETA of a possible fix?

The last thing I heard of iFastNet is that they are not yet sure what is causing the problem in the first place. So they still need to investigate and come up with a solution before anyone can tell anything about when the solution will be rolled out.

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Everything seems to be working right now - 13h UTC ( I hope it will stay that way )

My website still not up.

Your website is working fine from here.

Nevertheless, this issue is resolved. If your website still doesn’t work, it’s not caused by this issue, so please go through the usual route to check what’s going on (check the knowledge base, check existing forum replies, post a new topic if there are not answers which work for you).