Could you could assist me in determining why my website opens so slowly and why the Facebook sharing debugger returns an error?


FACEBOOK SHARING DEBUGGER: “Can’t validate SSL Certificate. Either it is self-signed (which will cause browser warnings) or it is invalid.”

Hello to everyone. Actually, I have two issues with my website. First, I’m not sure why, but it’s opening quite slowly; perhaps it’s just my browser, and I’m at a loss for what to do about it. Could you please verify it for me and give me some suggestions? Thanks! The second issue is that Facebook isn’t showing me the thumbnails for my website (created using Yoast Seo), and when I verify the link on Facebook Sharing Debugger, I get this warning “Can’t validate SSL Certificate. Either it is self-signed (which will cause browser warnings) or it is invalid.”… Have you any ideas? Thank you once more!

Extra: I don’t use cloudfire and i use Let’s Encrypt SSL

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This is most likely because we do not support CA chains here.

Are you using Wordpress? That would most likely be wp-cron.php.

That is the security system.


Hello, and thank you for your prompt response.
I’m sorry, but I’m not the top website builder genius, and I’m working with online tutorials on my website, so I’m not sure what CA chains are. Do you think it’s important? Should I try to solve the problem or just ignore it?

Anyway, I’m using WordPress; do you think disabling wp-cron.php will solve the problem for good?

Okay, I’ve read the FAQs about the security system; is there any other way to have thumbnails? Maybe using a secondary website/service?

Thank you for your consideration!

Ignore it, it’s not really important.

Doing this may help, but may cause trouble in the future.

Yes – if you use CloudFlare. But for that you will need a custom domain.


@HelMort, already has a custom domain :slight_smile:


Okay, I’m following your responses. CA chains are being ignored. I disabled WP-cron by following the instructions at LINK HERE. However, as stated on this website and many others, it is preferable to set a Cron Job from your control panel. What are your thoughts? Will I do it? If so, I’ve tried a few things, but I’m not sure which code to use for InfinityFree!

Extra: I’m testing Cloudfire with your guide.

Thanks for your attention!


Just set it to load your homepage every 1 hour and 2 minutes.


Okay, but what code should I use? For me, this is the most difficult part.

Thanks :slight_smile:



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The cron job calls a URL. So you can just enter wp-cron.php in the URL field (assuming WordPress is not installed to a subdirectory like



Thanks i’m trying it!

Good day to everyone. I’ve been testing the website for a week now, and unfortunately, the opening is still very slow; do you have any suggestions for a solution? It feels like there is a significant lag at first, as if something is halting it, and then it becomes much faster.

That would be WP Cron.

Did you setup a cron job in the control panel? If you did, there is not much else you can do. That is one of the main reasons why I do not use WordPress myself.


Yes, I did everything, but like you mentioned, it could be a WordPress issue.
Thank you for your response!

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