Corruption of Website Submitted to File Manager

I edited my codes in VS Code, everything was working fine. I also checked in the simultaneous viewer, but when I put it in the file manager, the website seems broken. None of the fixes I fixed work. Please help where am I going wrong.

Please fill out the topic and provide your URL.


I edited my website in Visual Studio Code and checked with previews exactly, but when I put it in ftp manager, my website was broken. I need help.

To start, you need to set the correct nameservers ( and



When the website didn’t work properly, I changed it to switch to a different hosting. I fixed it now, they are fine, but the website is still not working properly.

Nameservers can take 72 hours to update. I will be able to diagnose the problem after propagation.


Ok ı am waiting

seems ok


Yes, I fixed it, thanks, let’s say a small .css error :sweat_smile:

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still working for me

try clearing your browser cache ?

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Thanks for your feedback, we will try to fix it as soon as possible. :blush:

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I should note that the maximum number doesn’t stop you from manually inputting a large number, like 200,000 for instance.


that could be handy for a really secure password :rofl:


Getting a little off-topic, but the total possible combinations for that would be 77^200000 which is…

well, uh…


Ok yeah…

I ended up having to calculate that on Wolfram.

It’s scary though. It has 369 thousand digits!!!

It doesn’t even show a comparison for that number!!!

For reference, the number of atoms in the universe is approximately equal to 10^80 (and Wolfram confirms that number, nice!!!)

Here’s the number of decimal digits the above has:

81 decimal digits

… yeah.

The number of years it would take to brute force guess the number I provided with a super computer (77^200000)?

Well, let’s say it can guess 200 quadrillion possibilities a second (ignore the fact that the reference said calculations not possibilities. Let’s imagine that it can).

We take 77^200000 and divide it buy 200 quadrillion (200000000000000000).

The result gives us:

2.02755599 x 10^369002 seconds.
do some calculations to convert for years, and we yield:

years to crack (assuming the password text is at the end of the possibilities).


Anyways, the point is, I think it would be a nice safety measure so as to not freeze someone’s computer (although it’s obviously their fault).

Either that or fix the output styling, as it kind of fills the entire page as ClaytonTDM shows.


I’m looking for a resource to restrict the manually entered value, but I couldn’t find it. :frowning:

Are you using PHP or JavaScript? If you are using JavaScript it is impossible since JS can be edited by the client (visitor).


I am using javascript.

Unfortunately, while you can restrict the entry-amount in your code, anyone could change it.


It has been fixed now, the maximum number of characters has been reduced to 20 for a more fluid interface, if the user enters a value other than 8-20 character range, an alert will appear as “Number must be between 8 and 20”. Thank you for your help… :slight_smile: