Corruption of Website Submitted to File Manager

I meant more for those who just blindly enter in a limit. Heck, I didn’t know the limit of 30 was there (until I used the incremental buttons).

And also, it is calculated using JS, so anyone who edits the JS is purposefully doing so with the intent of making their life stressful by overloading their PC.

NP, glad I could help!

(And, maybe for the buddies who really want an impossible-to-crack password, give them a secret button to gen a 200k char length password? My alienware calculated it in ~5 secs :wink: )


So I just got a 200k password, rendered in about 2.5 seconds.
Tried sending it here in a code block but got a 502 error when trying to post it.

No alert for me.

Please clear your browser’s cache or use an incognito tab.

A 502 error is a server error (reference), so clearing your cache is not going to work. Most likely, a response of that size is not permitted by the server, so it was blocked.

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