Constantly Temporarily Suspended because of Entry Process Limits

Username epiz_26802378 .
Error Message: Temporarily Suspended Entry Process Limits

Other Information:
Constantly get this same message ( twice in 48 hours).
I can’t do nothing anymore to upload 3 images for example and do maintenance website at the same time, without getting suspended immediately.! Even if I do almost nothing heavy on my website. Still use the same plugins as before and never got problems before; till now!
Plugins I use with WordPress before this error appeared are easy ssl and image crop and regenerate

Well, it was just two times, so constant is out of the box here. Please read this doc and help yourself out :wink:


Like a sayed. I did not make any request to a PHP script , neither did a juse the corn job or what so ever. Maintaince a website is a normal thing to do. If you can not do this anymore a webhost is worthless!

Did you use any software, such as Wordpress?

Yes I do. My website is based upon WordPress

WordPress uses PHP heavily. That must be why. What plugins/themes did you use?

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Theme is Zoom , plugins are easy ssl and image crop and regenarate

Please send a picture of your plugins and theme from your admin dashboard. Are any of the plugins too heavy for a normal website? WordPress has many light weight alternatives

My admin dashboard is unavailable because of the suspense. So I can not access it.

Bad plugin update could also cause suspension


Please login to FTP and locate the plugins directory and screenshot it’s contents.


Unable to do: fatal error to connect : 530 Login authentication failed

Your password is incorrect. Make sure you are using the password listed under “FTP” in the client area, and not any other password.

I used the same password for Ftp that I 've been given in the client area, but I can not connect.
Knipsel3. The client area says unavailable to get to the File manager Panel! See also screen above in timeline.

Is your account suspended?


Yes it is. Like a said before due to Entry Process Limits and that seems to be the problem, because this happened twice in 48 hours, without doing more other than maintaince website and upload 3 images! That was never a problem before , but it is now! If this issue happens again and again if I do a normal maintaince, it will be impossible to have a website!

Sorry, I am really out of it today.

You can’t access FTP because your site is suspended, and you can’t give us a list of plugins because you cannot access your website.

Once the suspension is over, login to FTP (Not your website) and screenshot the plugins directory.

Looking at your past suspension log, and the fact that you have not been suspended before, my guess that that more bots are visiting your website now. I would recommend Cloudflare, but you need a custom domain for that.


Today is the third time in a row that my account is suspended due to Entry Process Limits without diong much with my website. Today I only created 1 new menu post page. And guess what, before I was suspended for third time , I checked statistics and now were going to the rare thing : In the same time my account and website were suspended the statistics still show high enter process Limits? This should be impossible for a site and account that is down!! This means it is for sure a problem that lies with inifity and not with me!!!

Or… the graph in the control panel is in a different time zone. The client area is all in UTC, the hosting platform internally is generally in EST, so it would make sense that the days in the graph are rotated at midnight EST, not midnight UTC.

In UTC, the previous suspension was from 23:15 to 23:15, so the day in between would be completely gone. But in EST, this suspension is from 18:15 to 18:15, which still leaves plenty of hours to generate high server usage.


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