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Hello. I have a webpage for a Minecraft server. For the web page I use a web software called NamelessMC. This software can also communicate with a plugin installed on the Minecraft server and discord, which is hosted somewhere else.The plugin throws an exception due to receiving a malformed JSON from the website it is communicating with. NamelessMC devs at their github said this was due to a DDoS protection system being used such as cloudflare. I know that InfinityFree makes sure that every client is using a browser but is there a way to whitelist an API that allows communication between my server plugin and domain??
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Please understand, that InfinityFree does not host Minecraft servers.

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Also, refer to this quote from my good friend, Digi:


I might have phrased it wrong but all my website does is it says what my server (which is hosted somewhere else) is about and what it can do. for it to display players online and my server discord, I need to use API plugins which is why it is crucial for me to find a way for this to work.

Pls read below…

Host things which are not websites

Please note that InfinityFree provides a website hosting service. That means that the content on your hosting account should be designed to produce websites which are accessed through browsers.

Here are some examples (not an exhaustive list) of things which you’re not allowed to host:

  • Data hosting, database hosting, API hosting. There are special database hosting services for mobile/desktop apps and games which work much better than website hosting for this.

In short API hosting is not allowed


so is there any way free alternatives or workarounds to this at all?

Find another host (paid hosting) that allow API hosting…

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