Connect a domain using IP Adress

Hello, I have a very big problem: I have bought a domain on Namecheap and I want to connect to infinity free, but I want to add my own DNS, so when I try to connect it he asks me the IP addresses mandatory and the host
Making a lookup, the infinity free nameserver’s IPs are: for and for
So the questions are 2:
Can I point my server to these nameservers as IP’s?
As host, what I need to insert? My Domain address?

Use an A record and point it to the IP of your main domain.

Or set the nameservers to

You must connect the nameservers to setup your account. After your account is connected, you can show it by A or CNAME. The IP you need to use is the one for your account, and can be found in the client area under “Account Deatails”.



This should help

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So can i connect with an A record to the hosting IP?

I think maybe I have solved thanks @Greenreader9

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