Configuring a custom domain name and secure web hosting for my website on

###How can i configure a custom domain name for my website created with How can I implement Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on my website that I have created with

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###From the time of logging in to my hosting account and getting to the screen Login to your account - InfinityFree, may I please know how can I configure a custom domain name for my website created on and how can I know more about it?

Perhaps it is better you read these first

You need to write more clearly as I do not know what you want and where you are stuck.
Screenshot may be better


###Need to know how to implement the procedure described in this forum post on my website.
I am indicating a website link below which explains the procedure related to some technical stuff (like pointing my website domain name to infinity nameservers. How to point your domain name to InfinityFree nameservers

May I please know how can I implement the above mentioned procedure for the website that I create with infinityfree?

Did you read?



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