Cloudflare subdomain

You can get Cloudflare on a subdomain, but only on a subdomain for a domain you already have. You can’t get Cloudflare on a free subdomain, because Cloudflare doesn’t accept subdomains.

If you do have a custom domain name, the process is as follows. Suppose you have the domain and want to add to Cloudflare.

  1. Add the base domain to your hosting account with us: How to add your own domain to your account
  2. Switch your base domain to Cloudflare: A Full Guide To Cloudflare
  3. Add your subdomain to your hosting account with us, through the Subdomains menu in the control panel or the Domains menu in the client area.
  4. Add a DNS record to Cloudflare of type A, name blog and the target being the website IP of your hosting account, which you can find in the client area.

Now you can setup your website on your subdomain with us and expose it behind Cloudflare.

Final note: if Cloudflare is configured to use Full SSL, you will need to setup a separate SSL certificate for the subdomain The SSL certificate for is not used for, so you’ll need to request and install a separate one.