Cloudflare SSL

My website URL is:


I’m using this software: Google Chrome

Additional information: I installed Cloudflare yesterday with “Full” SSL encryption mode.

Now my website is down, how long it’s going to take to show the Cloudflare SSL, did i do something wrong? Should i remove current certificate generated through your panel or i just have to wait?

Does it fix the error when you set to “Flexible” SSL encryption mode?

It doesn’t fix the error

Maybe wait within 24 to 72 hours for the Cloudflare’s SSL certificate to be applied on their network?

Ok, should i use Full or Flexible? What’s the difference?

You should use “Full” only if you have a certificate installed on your hosting account, while “Flexible” can be used if you don’t have a certificate installed on your hosting account. The difference between the two is that the “Full” SSL option will tell Cloudflare to connect to the server with HTTPS connection if you apply a HTTPS request, while the Flexible option will tell Cloudflare to always connect to the server with HTTP connection if you apply both HTTP and HTTPS requests. The second option is better used if you configure the script to use HTTP URLs, but then rewrite the URLs to be HTTPS in order for them to work even with HTTPS on, while if you have the first option, you don’t also need to set up WordPress to have HTTP URLs instead of HTTPS ones.


It Is working well, i’m using “Full” just had to wait for cloudflare’s certificate, thank you guys.


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