Cloudflare Redirects me to "Suspended Domain"

Website Username is epiz_30622572

I’ve recently changed the nameservers of my domain,, to point towards cloudflare. This works. However, I’m running into an issue where my domain now redirects me to “suspended domain”. I’m not really sure why this is happening. I’m pointing cloudflare to the IP of my website, and I have also disabled proxy. Any help?

Did you follow this article? If you did, and still experience errors, please share.


There are two reasons I know this issue could happen:

  • The domain is not assigned to a hosting account.
  • The DNS settings in Cloudflare are not pointing to the right website IP of the account that’s hosting the domain. Please double check that the Website IP shown in the hosting account details in the client area matches the IP address in the DNS records at Cloudflare.

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