CloudFlare not showing up dns records


I have domain in godaddy and hosted in, now I want to change my godaddy domain service to cloudflare domain,

However when I add the site it does not fetch any dns records and neither do godaddy(because its hosted in inifinityfree),

Shall I put cname records from cpanel of ?

Is it possible i can skip nameservers verification process of cloudflare ?

Follow this guide


Have read it already most parts, this does not answer my question!

Please see step 8 from the “Set-Up Cloudflare” part in the guide. It tells you which records you need to set up.

Not entirely sure what part you are referring to.

Cloudflare will automatically try to import your existing DNS records. But you can just remove everything Cloudflare detected and set up the DNS records you want yourself.

Cloudflare will check afterwards if you actually set up the nameservers. But that’s in part a verification step and in part a necessary setup step because it’s impossible to use Cloudflare’s service without using Cloudflare’s nameservers.

This means you need to remove our nameservers and Go Daddy’s nameservers from your domain and only use Cloudflare’s nameservers. This will work fine as long as you’ve already linked the domain to your account and setup the correct DNS records.


Thanks for quick reply,
So It didnt fetch any dns records by default, so i went ahead with other button of setting up myself later(Blue button).
Then i replaced “nameservers” which were given to me by cloudflare on godaddy nameservers, then it verified by itself clicked “check nameservers” later initiated domain transfer request which involved

  1. Unlocking domain on godaddy
  2. Pasting up auth code in cloudflare
  3. Paying on cloudflare.
    Inshort: (No need to change dns records)

If cloudflare does not fetch dns records then its alright and you can go on with blue button (later button) and then just go ahead with nameservers changing process (which takes few mins 2 mins -2 hours), once cloud flare verifies you will be able to start domain transfer process.

No, you don’t transfer your domain to Cloudflare, you only use it with Cloudflare. Please read the actual guide, and don’t just do what you think you should do.

Or watch the video:


What you mean you dont have to transfer your domain to godaddy ? Godaddy renews at 18$ while cloud flare domain renewal is 9bucks.
I am not using cloudflare for ssl, i want them as my domain registerar company.

Unless you have already added you domain to your InfinityFree account, you won’t be able to use your domain with InfintyFree.

Cloudflare does not let you change the nameservers on your domain, so domains hosted with Cloudflare cannot be connected to an account here.

If you already added your domain to your InfinityFree account, you can use Cloudflare as your registrar, but you will never be able to remove your domain from your InfinityFree account, as you won’t be able to add it back again.


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