CloudFlare nameservers

Hello, I want to add my site to cloudflare but its asking me to remove your nameservers and add theirs. I was wondering if this would mean my site would shutdown or something. Thanks.


It won’t shut down, don’t worry; you can still use Cloudflare with our hosting, just make sure it’s configured as per this guide to stay sure that it still works:


it said that the record already exists, so it seems to have been set up, but now my site doesnt work, do i have to wait some days?

Now the problem is the SSL option set to “Flexible”, which needs more configuration to work properly:

The easiest and best way to work around this is to configure a self-signed certificate on your hosting account for your domain, then set the SSL option to “Full” in the Cloudflare dashboard, using this article:


Its telling me “Too many redirects” when i try to visit my site though, is that a problem caused by the SSL?

Change SSL to “Full” in Cloudflare


Thanks, it works now, I saw another post where it said i had to remove all redirects in .htaccess but I didnt want to do that since that would mess up with the url and more


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