Cloudflare leads to

Hey Guys,

(My Domain) =
(That’s my InfinityFree Domain)

On on another domain I made 2 CNAME Records:

Name | Target           | TTL | Proxied?
@       | (My Domain)| Auto| Yes
www   | (My Domain)| Auto| Yes

When I go to that domain it redirects me to suspended-website
But When I go to (My Domain) It works normally ( goes to default page )

Can Anyone help?

What is your other website URL, so that we can help you?

Please note that you MUST add a domain name to your hosting account to show a website on it. If our servers receive a request for a domain name which is not active on the server, the server will redirect you to

Pointing to the domain name to your website IP is not enough to show your website. A web server can’t tell if the domain was set up with a CNAME record pointing to the main domain or pointed directly to the IP address, let alone tell which main domain it pointed to and which account it’s associated with.

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