Cloudflare error : Sorry there was a problem activating cloudflare for this domain or the email address

Can you give us more information instead of keeping it empty?


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unless this answer satisfies you


where do u activate the cloudflareis in the vista panel/ or do u see the message when you are trying to create an account in cloudflare?

please give the following details

ur domain was hosted on individual account or r u trying to activate it via vista panel?

how to solve it

Can you give us more information Please? We cannot do it if you do not give us more info!!!

like your site url that you’re trying to activate cloudflare for this?


I want to active SSL for, I found this SSL free only in cloudflare in infinityfree, I went through cloudflare enable way, unfortunately i Got this error.

Then the account you were using for InfinityFree was also signed up to Cloudflare. You will need to add it manually from the Cloudflare dashboard in that case.


Can you give me any guideline for this ? Is it possible to active SSL this way?

did u activate the cloudflare on your vista panel if yes please disable it,

after that log in in to your account in cloudlare website to configure.


vista panel doesnt allow to enable, coz it show already ! I went to cloudfare website and what next?

did u see some thing like this in ur vista panel?Capture


before u add ur domain in your cloud flare account u have to diable the cloudflare in vista panel?have u done that?

Done, I am in cloudfare darshboard now, what next?

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please go back to your cloud flare account add your domain.

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Login to your Cloudflare dashboard, then click on “Add a Site”, input your domain name, then check if the DNS records are correct, select the “Free” Plan when prompted and change the nameservers to Cloudflare ones from your domain registrar’s nameservers management panel. After that, wait a while, and change the SSL option to “Flexible” if you don’t have an SSL certificate installed on your account.


Change the nameservers from GoDaddy ones (the ones I see that have as domain) or whatever they will be to the ones Cloudflare gives you, and then wait some time.

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on your clouflare there is dns section tell me what u see?

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