Cloudflare error : Sorry there was a problem activating cloudflare for this domain or the email address

go to your domain registrar change the both nameserver to clouflare nameserver. after that save it


I done everything how u explain, Now how to see my site is secure! or how to installed ssl certificate on account?

You need to wait some time until the records are propagated, then from the Cloudflare dashboard in the SSL/TLS page set the SSL option to “Flexible”, on “Edge Certificates” enable “Always Use HTTPS” and try to visit your website in incognito mode.


Done, What is the incognito mode sir?


u can go to your cloudflare account you can choose to to enable Certificate Transparency Monitoring

by this ways when cloudflare will sent u an email to notify you regarding your site has been issue ssl cert.if you do not recieve in your email mean the ssl has not been issue and you would not get ssl padlock yet and you need to wait other longer.

you may refer here. ERROR 525 SSL handshake failed - #16 by Junakuvat

i posted a simple solution if you are in hurry needed ssl cert.



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