Cloudflare + Custom Domain + InfinityFree == FAIL

I created a new subdomain on Infinity Free. However i would like to map my own custom domain to your site.

My domain register is Cloudflare. My understanding is i must change the name server to ns1(dot)epizy(dot)com and ns2(dot)epizy(dot)com. Unfortunately Cloudflare does not allow this.

So then i discovered this Infinity Free article: A Full Guide To Cloudflare
It runs through how to create an A record on Cloudflare to map my domain name to Infinity Free using my subdomain’s IP address. I followed the instructions but when i navigate to my custom domain all i ever get is a redirect to some some spam URL: Special offer and Discount Coupon

What am i doing wrong?

Hello. Unfortunately, the nameservers must be set, and the domain added to your account before you can use A records. This means that domains registered with Cloudflare cannot be used here. If possible, try moving your domain name to one that allows nameservers changes, like NameSilo.



The domain MUST be assigned to your hosting account to work. Pointing it to the IP address of your subdomain doesn’t work, because there are many thousands of websites hosted on a single IP address, and the server still doesn’t know which website to serve on a domain name it doesn’t know.

And to add the domain to your account, it MUST point to our nameservers first.

This is not an issue with your subdomain or your account.


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