Cloudflare and Infinityfree

So basically I am kind of confused about how cloudflare and Infinityfree work together.

I bought a domain from NameCheap and as cloudflare told me I set my Nameservers to what to told me, then when I tried to add my domain to Infinityfree it asked me to set the nameservers to
and , so I set it to that, now Cloudflare is no longer working.

also on the " A Full Guide To Cloudflare" it says:

NAME: IP address from

CONTENT: “www”
NAME: IP address from

Note: Keep the cloud orange for both of the records!

  1. Double-check that it looks right! (The yellowed out text should match all other yellowed out text)
  2. If something looks wrong, go back a few steps and see what you missed. If it all looks good, your site should start working within 72 hours. If it has been over 72 hours and it still does not work, try clearing your cache. If clearing the cache does not work, create a new topic in the “Hosting Support” category.

Yay! Cloudflare is now set up on your Domain!

However when I did that and the Nameservers were set to cloudflares when I tried adding the domain to infinityfree it didn’t work

What am I doing wrong?

Set the nameservers to and, add the domain to your account, and then revert them back to Cloudflare’s.

Then, Cloudflare should work properly (assuming you followed the guide correctly).


My nameservers are currently and, when I try to add cloudflare it shows this:

I meant your InfinityFree Hosting Account, sorry for the confusion.

You have your domain connected to your account, so now you want to change your nameservers to the ones that Cloudflare is giving you. Then you can follow the guide to add the A records.


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