Cloud flare name servers

Hello, i want to rename my domain to cloud flare to use ddos attack protection but i am alredy using infinityfree name servers. I can add more than 2 name servers soo if i add infinityfree name servers and cloud flare name servers can it cause problems?

Yes (Slightly)

Than what should do?

Please Please dont ping him, he is himself busy with irl works…


Soo i will delete and ns2 and write cloudflares name server?
I am really confused

  1. Create Cloudflare Account from cloudflare website.
  2. Add Website. It will automatically detect your DNS Hosting settings.
  3. Goto your domain hosting where you purchased your domain and change your NS records
    as per cloudflare eg NS1 NS2 and remove and
  4. Turn on “Under Attack Mode” Under Overview Tab of Cloudflare. And Try to Turn it off again to see Security level. Off, Low, Mid, High and select one or select off to turn it off.

Hope it helps.


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