Cloud Flare Error 525

very very hard how to fix :cry:

but i am still waiting for 72 hours is there a fast way
please i have a lot of problems

omg what how to fix my trouble 2 :rage:

Did you install the certificate? What provider? Did you set FLEXIBLE settings for SSL in cloudflare?

yes but there is a second problem

Like I said, please answer my questions!

Did you get any email? What does the client area say?

I’ve changed it to flexsible. but why is this?

It looks like your website may have been suspended @Rstudio, can you please check the client area for a message?

Also, note that things can take 72 hours before they begin working properly, due to the nature of the internet.


i can access cpanel.
i can access in my free domain. but i can’t access from cloud flare domain.

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You need to do this

Add domain to the hosting account


where to add it in addons domain or parked domain? @KangJL


You subdomain need to point to and first in order to do that


sub domain or addon domain?

addon domain

You need to follow the below guide for your subdomain.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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I’m confused here

  1. Create a new CNAME record
  2. Set the Name to shemska
  3. Set the Target to
  4. Set the cloud to orange
  5. Set the TTL to auto


  1. Clear your cache
  2. Test your site
    7a. if it does not work, wait 72 hours for DNS to propagate.
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Hmm…just realise…free hosting may not work with sub-subdomain. You gotta try your luck. What @Greenreader9 said will not work unless you can add sub-subdomain to the hosting account.


umm yeh error ho to fix :expressionless:

i can add sub domain