Changing nameservers

I want to connect my domain to my InfinityFree account. My domain registrar asks me to put both the nameservers but also the ip’s. I can’t find any InfinityFree ip’s.

Normally you can safely ignore these. Did they stopped you from changing nameservers if there’s no IP?

Alternatively, create a free subdomain first, then follow this guide:


yeah, they block me if i dont put ip addresses

Then please follow the guide I gave to you to use the alternative method.

Also please don’t post multiple topics next time.


You can find the IP addresses of the nameservers using any DNS lookup tool, like this one: Dig (DNS lookup)

And if you’re wondering “if it’s so simple, why does my domain provider ask for it?”, then I suggest you ask them, because I can’t think of a good reason.


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