Changing domain name

hey, I hope you’re doing well, so basically, I just sold my domain name and bought a new one from GoDaddy .
is it possible to change my domain name account on infinity free hosting (if yes how? )

thank you <3

Change? No.

But using the “Addon Domains” section in the control panel, you can remove the old domain and add your new one.


Okey after I do that, how can i access my WordPress dashboard via control panel.

Because WordPress.Org won’t allow me to log in and are different. One allows you to install Wordpress on your own website, while the other is setup for you.

You chose to set it up by yourself on your own server, so you can access WP-admin by going to you


the problem is I want to change to a new domain

how can I do that

and tried to access my WordPress dashboard ( but it gives an error

I want to change the domain name to

This is what I see

You need to do this first


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