Change FTP Hostname in Client Area

In the last week or so I went in-depth about why I don’t think this is a good idea:

The overwhelming majority of people do not have any issues with, only those with bad virus scanners or network filters do. And the SSL certificate on our FTP server is for, not for or any other hostname, so you’ll get SSL errors if you try to use another hosting name pointing to the FTP server IP.

We tell people to use as a workaround if does not work. If does work for you, you should use it instead.

In my opinion this is fine for hosting support. It’s related to an issue on our hosting, so it should be in hosting support.

After all, the questions “why can’t I connect to” and “can you change the FTP hostname in the client area” will largely discuss the same subject, so why should one be considered support and the other not?

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