Every other day, FTP does not work properly

Of course it is. The certificate is valid for ftpupload.net. That the hostname of our FTP sever, so that’s the domain name that’s in the SSL certificate.

But if something on your device or network is hijacking your DNS and rerouting ftpupload.net to somewhere else, then you can’t use that hostname to connect to our FTP server.

Indeed it is low security, but that’s what you get when something on your end is interfering with your network connectivity. So you either need to accept the certificate for the other domain, or identify and eradicate whatever misguided or malicious system is preventing you from connecting to our FTP server in the intended way. When you have something like that on your end, security basically goes out the window.

Perhaps you could try using a neutral DNS resolver like Google Public DNS or Cloudflare’s service instead? That would make it a lot harder for an ISP to hijack your DNS request and return the wrong IP address.

Yes, I do mind that. The FTP hostname is not an account specific attribute, and ftpupload.net is the FTP hostname everyone should be using at all times. I’m not going to tell everyone to use a different, less secure value because some overzealous virus scanner on your end is blocking access to it.

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