CDN not working

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Thank you for trying Optimole and contacting us.

We have checked your case, and it looks like you need to whitelist requests with User Agent: Optimole(1.0) and images should start being served by Optimole.
Images are being blocked on your website and redirected back to original resources, Optimole can’t serve images on that website because user agent is being blocked.

Your hosting provider could help with guidance on how user agent could be whitelisted for your website.

Let us know if this solves the issue for you or if you have any other questions, thanks!

I am believing that the CDN is blocked due to its server does not support cookies or Infinity Free blocks Optimole. @Admin Help!

If it is due to this, then you cannot use this plugin

Since you did not provide sufficient info, no one can help you


@KangJL I am just believing that they don’t have cookie support on their servers. But they (Optimole) say they are blocked and needed to be whitelisted. They did not detail on how they are blocked, they say they are blocked.

My username: epiz_32112979

@KangJL If I cannot use this CDN-Plugin. Do you have any suggestion (for replacement) for a InfinityFree-Compatible CDN-Plugin?

I stopped using Jetpack as it make my site too heavy and don’t need connection to So don’t count Jetpack on your suggestions.

@KangJL Wait… They say they use Amazon CloudFront on their website. Do it have a cookie support?

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By default, CloudFront doesn’t consider cookies when processing requests and responses, or when caching your objects in edge locations. If CloudFront receives two requests that are identical except for what’s in the Cookie header, then, by default, CloudFront treats the requests as identical and returns the same object for both requests.

What does it means?

I uninstalled Optimole because of this

This what I want now!

Additional: Jetpack causes my site to always catch the Database Error (meaning its too heavy). So I will never ever attempt it to use it again.

Additional: I can’t use CloudFlare as I am only using a subdomain. Please don’t count CloudFlare as your suggestions. You may suggest me on how to connect CloudFlare in a plugin way (if it exist). My only option now is a Plugin CDN.

I don’t think it is worth trying to use a CDN. I have tried using a WordPress CDN before on free hosting, and it was a nightmare to set up and it didn’t actually help all that much.

And as long as your site isn’t too big and you don’t get many visitors per day, you should be completely fine without a CDN.


Cloudflare? It’s not exactly a CDN plugin, but it can provide CDN functionality and works well with our hosting. And if you make sure that images are optimized on your site, it should work about as well as Optimole (if it works how I think it does).


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