Can't upload zip file

Im trying to upload a zip file in my htdocs folder. which is not a plugin or theme. The zip file shows its 105 MB. when Im trying manually upload the files through the file manager its stops after 51 MB . And when I’m trying to upload it through filezila it upload fully but the file is not showing in remote server or htdocs folder. How can I solve this problem?

Please consider extracting the zip file on your computer, then upload the extracted files (or the files in the extracted folder) on your htdocs folder using an FTP client (FileZilla in this case).


There are lof of files. I think its not possible.

Well, you need to find another hosting then. Max file size on free hosting is 10 MB


I dont understand what doest that mean by max file size. could you please define me.

Your zip file of 105MB is more than the 10 MB allowed

Take note of this as well


Of course it’s possible. It may take a bit longer depending on your internet speed, but as long as you are within the limitations of your account, it’s possible.


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