Can't set up Cloudflare SSL on my site

This is for my site

I have added the subdomain as a record in cloudflare as well.

If I try accessing via https, I get this

I tried using Really Simple SSL, it used to work in the past now its become so weird and unusable.

What should I do?

It doesn’t look like you’re using Cloudflare, so that means you need to manually install an SSL/TLS certificate for your subdomain.

Or, you can just add to Cloudflare (or if you already have, switch your nameservers back).
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I have already and the nameservers are already pointed as well.

I don’t see what I’m doing wrong.

did the same for a www.

Did you enable Universal SSL in Cloudflare?


Yes, I have.

No issue for me


damn okay ig it just decided to work lmao

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