Can't move domain to a new infinityfree account

I can’t move my domain to a different infinityfree account. I already deleted my domain from the old account which is giving me problems for 3 weeks. Even tho I did this, every time I try to deactivate my account it still says " 1 domain will be locked to the account!" but theres no domains in the account anymore. I googled and even found some forums here and they all just say to go to Addon Domains and remove it from there, well… I did, almost a week ago… So what am I supposed to do to finally get my website working?

Check the “Addon Domains”, “Parked Domains”, and “Subdomains” section of the control panel


Yeah they are all empty. Theres no option to remove anything whatsoever…

Ok, so then the domain is no longer connected to that account.

You can use the domain checker in the client area to check this if you would like.

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Apparently it still is…

thats my domain addons page

If those screenshots are from the 4955 account, then the domain is removed, and the domain checker has not updated itself.

You can add the domain to your new account now


They are from the 4955 account. However, when I deactivate the account it still says a domain is locked to the account and when I try to add the domain to the new account it says “Error Adding Domain…”

I still get this message and it wont let me add it to the new account… Is this not glitched somehow? Or what am I missing? Cuz I went through every option and I dont see anything I could remove it from.

Yes, it is glitched.

There are two databases which keep track of the domains. When you remove the domain, it should be removed from both databases, but occasionally something goes wrong and the domain is removed from the control panel without actually being removed from the system.

I’ve asked iFastNet to remove the domain for you, because as far as I know neither you nor we have the ability to fix this ourselves.


Thanks! I thought I was going crazy… Is there a way for me to know when its gonna be done?

It’s done now!


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